Nail Gel CANNI Nail Extension Gels

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Hot sell soak off uv builder gel jelly gel – Professional Camouflage Gel Venalisa 12 Colors Semi Nail Art Solid Transparent UV Jelly Gel Hard Gel Builder Gel.

This builder gel in high temperature more thinner,in cold weather more thicker

Wholesale contact :+8618826403887

How to use of venalisa Camouflage UV Gel Builder gel?

1. File the nail surface lightly

2. Apply a very thin layer Venalisa Nail Primer

3.Apply thin layer basecoat ,Cure 1 minutes

3.Put the nail forms on the nail tips, apply VENALISA builder gel, curing 2 minutes

4.take out nail forms,Trim nail shapes.

5.Apply venalisa topcoat cure 1 min.

This not only builder gel !